Google assistant


what is google assistant?

Google assistant is an iteration of next assistant through phones it was first introduced only for google pixel(phone made by google) devices and later it is expanded to Marshmallow and Nougat running device,android wear 2.0.

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In simple google assistant is your own personal assistant that helps you to interact with your phone through voice.It is not similar to siri or Microsoft cortona in many ways.

Google assistant was first unveiled in Google I/O on may 18,2016  and google asked developer to build their app to get integrated with google assistant. By following that many developers have made it and it came to reality 2 October 2016 .You can download apk of google assistant but sometimes it may not works as it need to meet some specification.

Google assistant apk

A list of app that integrated with google assistant



3.Open table






AND MANY MORE APP .As said above google assistant is different from siri and cortona  as it is integrated with Artificial intelligence like amazon alexa.It may help to get more relevant information once you use more of it.It will track all your searches and links you clicked to view your result to make more personalized to you. That’s why google call it as your own personal assistant.It is an upgraded version of voice command “OK GOOGLE”

It has only limited connected products to it  like google home as far as now but in  future developer can make use of this and many products may release.

How do I know my phone has Google assistant?



Long press on home button or say “OK GOOGLE” as voice command a pop up will appear from bottom of your phone.Google has started rolling out google assistant for many marshmallow and nougat running devices .List of devices that now compatible with google assistant are

pixel xl,pixel,nexus 5x,moto g4,LG g6,Huawei p9 plus if you have these phone give a try to it.

Available language to interact

English,German,Hindi,Japanese these are languages that  you can interact with your assistant now but in future google may expand the compatible languages.

Google assistant how it works click on the link to know how google assistant work .Here is an comparison video between siri and google assistant click this.

Google assistant review click this.If you want to look of Google assistant you can see it in Google Allo app an messaging application developed by google which has integrated google this to download allo

You can make use of google assistant in any android devices by many methods as many developer and hackers has found some loop holes to run on any android phone.Check that by clicking on the below link

Google assistant on any android phone

Finally,Google has made an own personalized digital assistance for each one of us

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