weird connected devices

In today’s modern world we always need assistance to do our own task so that’s why there is a place to thick of weird device to help us to do our task.In this post, I have shown some weird connected devices that exist.

In recent years, some of these devices have evolved from an easy source of skepticism to things that are actually worth buying.To illustrate just how far the tech world is willing to go to make anything and everything connected, let’s look at a few of these things, all of which actually for real exist.


1.Quiky egg minder:


quirky-egg-minderThe Quirky Egg Minder solves a question as old as time itself: “Why can’t I connect my egg tray to the internet?”

This connected device helps you by reminding the number of egg’s that is in your egg basket.So, once if you buy this minder there not need to check for egg in your egg basket.It also comes with an android or ios application so that you can see no of egg’s that reminds in  basket.Once if egg goes below your pre set level it sends a notification to buy egg.

Made in partnership with GE, this thing syncs with your smartphone and sends you push notifications when you’re on the verge of being eggless. LED lights on the tray itself tell you which of its 14 eggs nearing their expiration date.

2.Hidrate Spark


The Hidrate Spark is one of a few “smart water bottles” that’ve popped up in recent years, most of which do the same thing: pair with a companion app over Bluetooth, then walk you through staying properly hydrated.

Hidrate spark is one the most essential device but a sort of weird device too.This device will keep you hydrated always and it also comes with free fitness application so that you can track amount water that you drink for a day.It also sends  notification to your phone through application if you have to drink water for a long time.This kind of devices are most needed as many people forget to drink water in their busy schedule of work which may lead to some serious medical issue’s.

To be fair, the 24-ounce Spark does look nice, and the fact that it glows when you hit your thirst-quenching goals is cute. But paying $55 to be reminded to drink water might be a bit much, especially when you can already log this stuff with one of several free fitness apps.


HapiFork is one the most weirdest product that I have seen till now.But some people may find it as an usefull device.Many people in the world die  due to eating faster so HapiFork found a solution to this by making a smart fork which will vibrate when you eat fast.hapifork

So,these are some of the wierd but usefull connected or smart devices help us to do your work and maintain us healthy.


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