About me and my Blog


Hi, all readers and cyber hunters I am writing a post after a very long time. This is time to say you all about why I started this blog and on what basis I start writing about tech news. And the things that fascinated me from my childhood You will get to know all these things in this post.

Let me start with why I started writing a blog I was always fascinated by writing blog since my college first year but I am very bad in English that stopped me from writing and when I got into the final year I had more free time so I started chasing things that fascinated me. Even now I am very bad in English but I am learning in all possible ways nowadays.

why started writing about technologies mainly IoT?

I am one among the minds think that IoT will change the world in upcoming days. But I fear about the privacy of people in the world of IoT. And to say about my writing in future no ways I will write about IoT cause now I am out of college and to give a hint about what am doing now, I am working in one of the world’s best IT service company. So I am no more in the field of electronics. So I quit IoT now.

Why started writing about tech gadgets?

Tech products are one of the things that fascinated from my childhood. This craving for technology and knowing how it works started when I first saw the desktop computer in my home. Initially, my only thought is to play games in computer (this is what all kids will do when you see computer in your home at the age of 9) and started knowing things about computer and the gadgets of that time like MP3 player, DVD player, feature phones (no smartphone era ) when I was in 9th grade. And in grade 10 I  got the first smartphone named  Samsung Corby pop with feather touch feature. I started knowing more things through the internet from then. For those of you do not know how my first smartphone looks can see below and links to know more about that phone.

samsung corby popsamsung corby pop 2

To know more about Samsung  Corby pop click here

One final note to all readers here after I will write blog at least once in week maybe twice 🙂

And about my writings in future will contain all new tech news, product launch may be a shift to some new things but I will keep you posted and please follow my blog and comment down below what comes in your mind.

And for those reading my blog new please follow me!!

Have a fantastic day.


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