Smartphone Era in India



Hi, all reader’s and cyber hunter you all must be wondering about the title what he comes up to. To make that clear today we are going to talk about the Smartphone market status in India. How India is growing along with Smartphone. And we are going to look into the Smartphone war. I hope you all got my point what will be in this post. In the begin of Smartphone Era in India, it dates back to the year 2009 when Smartphone makers start to ship to India. Samsung was ruling the market of the smartphone in beginning years till 2011 in India and 2012 is the year of smartphone war starts in India when Nokia, HTC, Sony shipping the phones into the lands of India.

So lets deep dive into this topic in year wise.

Year 2K12:

The year 2012 is the year most of the people are introduced to the world of Smartphone and for the company that brought their product into India was hard to sell the smartphone in the country like India but few companies succeded in the mission of placing their foot firm the markets of India. And for the company like Apple and Samsung topped the chart in that year. Apple launched iPhone 5 and Samsung launched two smartphones Galaxy s3 and Note 2. In the year of 2012, Samsung has managed to sell around 384 million units and Apple sold 130 million units.

iPhone 5 –Click here

Samsung Galaxy S3-Click here

Samsung Galaxy Note 2-Click here

And the other game player during that year Nokia, Sony and HTC. Nokia launched its first ever Windows operated smartphone based on Windows 7 platform and their high budget phone was Nokia 920 with wireless charging. HTC brought one X and one X plus, Sony brought their Xperia series into India. And LG brought their Optimus series into India.


Year 2K13:

The year 2013 is the year in which companies started to understand India economy, current knowledge of technology and started to make affordable Smartphone for the India market. This made many companies to restructure their research team to settle down and make as affordable as they can with higher end technology. Samsung succeeded in making affordable smartphone and their series of smartphone started to sell like hotcakes. And to say Samsung ended up making many smartphones in series y, Galaxy Duos and many more.In this year Apple sales were completely down due to affordable smartphone and their share reduced to 23 % and Samsung topped the chart with 59 %. sale.In this year Apple launched iPhone 5s and Samsung launched Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3.

iPhone 5-Click here

Samsung Galaxy S4-Click here

Samsung Galaxy Note 3-Click here

To me, I bought my first smartphone in this year and that was HTC one X plus. One of the smartphones that had the best camera, processor and Beats audio

htc one x plus

One Plus X –Click here

Year 2k14:

The Year 2014 is the debut year for many new smartphone makers and come back year for Motorola with their two series of affordable smartphone. The year in which all the internal components for smartphone started to make in the lands of India. So smartphone started to become super affordable in the year to make a comparison to this HTC One x plus specs was brought to Moto E and the price difference was up to 25 K. I was like what the heck!! and change my phone from HTC one X plus to HTC One M8.HTC One M8 was one of the flagship phones of the year. The phone which had the primary camera with 4 Ultra Pixel.In this Apple back in battle with their new design with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Samsung launched Galaxy S5 and Note 4.

HTC One M8-Click hereM8_3V

This year Moto came to picture of top selling smartphone along with Samsung and Apple.

iPhone 6-Click here

iPhone 6 Plus-Click here

Samsung Galaxy S5-Click here

Samsung Galaxy Note 4-Click here

Year 2K15:

The year 2015 is the year were many Chinese makers brought their Smartphone into India market. Companies like Xiaomi, Mi, Redmi, Vivo, Lenovo and Oppo make their entry into India and they made heavy competition to the existing makers like Sony, LG, Samsung(affordable series), HTC. Motorola still made strong competition with the debutants. And this Year many strong Smartphone makers market share started to fall like HTC and Sony. This year Apple launched iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s plus and Samsung launched Galaxy S6 and Note 5. This year total market share started to restructure as many Smartphone makers brought their products to India. So Samsung started to lose their market share after affordable smartphone market got driven by debutants. But Apple share was maintaining as many buyers shifted to towards it due to Online discounts and EMI.

Nexus 6-Click here

This year I changed my smartphone from HTC one M8 to Google Nexus 6(MOTO)


iPhone 6s-Click here

iPhone 6s plus-Click here

Samsung Galaxy S6-Click here

Samsung Galaxy Note 5-Click here

These years where crucial years for India smartphone market and still the war is ON

Hope this is the lengthy post from my blogging. Thanks to all reader’s who managed to read until the end. Please comment down below to improve the blog and support me by following all my post in WordPress.

Have a great day ahead!! Happy Reading!!

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