Hi all, readers and cyber hunters in this post we are gonna see about Chromebook. Many might come across this word while we are trying to buy a cheap laptop. Yes, Chromebook is a laptop that is supported by Chome OS developed by Google and hardware are built by any manufacturer. Chromebook is one best laptop who does not require any offline activity which means gaming, video editing and more. But all the facilities are there in Chromebook when you go online. This is kind of weird but this is one the intelligent platform according to me. As the world is moving towards the faster technologies changes and telecom industries are developing with high-speed internet facilities all around the world so why can’t you take all online if it can be done.

Let’s deep dive:

Chromebook laptops are not like other laptops in the market with huge graphics, more space. They will have fewer graphics that suits college students, web developers and business personnel. Chromebooks will have only less amount of space mostly below 256 GB of storage and maximum of 4  GB of graphics. But when you call for performance Chromebook can do magic in terms of this. As everything goes online only you would require a Chromebook with fast internet connectivity and a minimum of 4 GB of RAM to do all your day to day activities.


One of the feature of Chromebook I like the most is the use of Android apps in laptops is that cool?. Yes, you can play subway surfers, can use MX player and more. Chromebook will not run on any other operating systems like Windows, Mac or Linux. It only runs on Chrome OS(but Chrome OS is Linux based OS) or Android. So you will be missing many features from windows if you’re windows lover. But this is cool for those who need to do little with their laptop and these are real value for money.Most of all Chromebook does not require any Anti-virus as it has multi-layer built-in security hardware and in Chrome OS.

Let’s me take you to History:

chrome os

Chromebook research started in the year 2010 by Google and Google released their first ever Chromebook partnering with Acer launched in June 2011. Initially, the target of the Chromebook was school students and later due to development of the OS and integration of Google play store with Chrome OS in 2016. You know what Google also developed a desktop version of Chrome OS they call that as Chromebox and was launched in the year 2012 with Partnering with LG and an ‘all-in-one’ desktop launched with Chrome OS in 2014.

And about Chrome OS was launched in the year 2009 for cloud interfaces. Chrome OS is an open source platform and project is called as Chromium OS. Initially, the Chrome OS is not promising cause most of the feature of the conventional laptop is missed after the integration of Android with Chrome OS they become more powerful and very reliable.

Pixelbook or Chromebook pixel:


Pixelbook is nothing but chrome OS-based laptop that is developed by Google directly and to note you may find it bit costlier when compared to other Chromebook but the real performance of Chrome OS are visible only in this laptop.

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Top-Rated Chromebooks:

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Hope you all got an insight view of Chromebook. Please feel free comment below.

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