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Hi all, Readers you must be wondering be looking into the topic. Is this blog is for tech or cookery?. Let me explain this, In geeks world or tech world we call the power of the device or battery of the device is called as juice. So now some might get my point. yes, in this post we are going to see about external battery or power bank. For many in today’s world smartphone is the primary device like they even do their business with the smartphone or play games, stream videos etc.. for those internal or inbuilt battery juice is not enough or drained out in few hours. So they need a charger or power bank to run through the day.

Let us look into top 5 power bank below 20000 mAh

MI power bank 10000 mAh 2i:


Mi has launched its latest power bank in India particularly for the Indian market and they are made in India. Mi has started their third manufacturing plant to make power bank and to make affordable in India. And this cost only rs.800 ( $12) with loaded technology like surge protection, fast charging, latest chipset and lithium battery.

Link to buy- buy here

Ambrane power bank p-1122 10000 mAh:


Ambrane is one the top selling power bank in India for past two to three years since its debut in the market they constantly prove one the top-selling power bank every year. And the review is pretty good when compared to its competitor’s but I think this will have a tough fight with Mi latest power bank 2i in upcoming years.This power bank is made of plastic.

Link to buy- buy here

Intex IT-PB15K 15000 mAh power bank:


Intex is one of the India company that makes the smartphone, power bank and more. Intex power bank lasts long when compared to other smartphones in their range and this new model power bank are made of plastic.

Link to Buy- buy here

Syska power bank 15000 mAh:


Syska many might have heard this name while installing lights or in ads. Yes, syska is one the lighting company that came into power bank industry this year and they made a good name in their line up.

Link to buy –buy here

Mi power bank 20000 mAh 2i:


2i is new power bank series from Mi as said above this power bank made exclusively for markets of India. you know what? in this new manufacturing plant, they make 1 power bank in 8 Seconds. This is insane back 2 years but now, due to development of technology and software, this made possible. And the price of this power bank is 1500.rs (25$).

Link to buy- buy here

I am using Anker powercore 20100 mAh power bank this is a bit more pricey but one the best power bank I have ever used. And when compared with competitor’s this seems overpriced for its power backup. I bought this for rs.2300 on Amazon great Indian sale.I will leave you the link below if you want to check it out.

Anker powercore 20100 mah –click here to know more and buy

These are the top rated and top selling power bank in India. Choose based on your usage and affordability.

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