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Hi, all reader’s hope you are doing great.In this post, we will be seeing on youtube’s latest attempt. YouTube has launched new column for movies in India version ( as I  am using from India) not sure about other countries. But this is strange as there is no permanent subscription to YouTube movies but you can buy movies to watch only once.Let me clear this here for example if you subscribe Harry Potter 1 that will be available in your account for 30 days and if you start to view the movie you must watch within next 48 hours or will fade away from your subscription after 48 hours of your first view.

And there are two versions you can buy one is a standard version and other is HD version. The cost of HD version is high when compared to the standard version.

This is not a big deal but if you don’t want to subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Prime to watch movies. You can choose this. This will be good for those who feel bored can subscribe Standard version and watch immediately. As far as I checked out there is not as much as the collection of Indian movies but sure YouTube will bring soon.

Hope new attempt on YouTube will be successful. Thank you all for reading.

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