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Hi, all reader’s hope you are all doing good. In this post, we are going to see weird gadget but come so handy for note takers and this is a kind of must-have gadget for entrepreneurs so note taking can be made easy and need to worry on missing notes or misplaced. This post will be weird but I will leave you link to buy and video to view.

Let us deep dive into modern notebook

Rocket Wave:


First I have to thank you guys for making such an innovation in writing. Some might think we are in the 21st century why do you want to write?. But still writing is a good practice to keep things remain in your mind for a long time. My mom usually says this 10 times of reading is equal to 1-time writing. So we are in Era of extinction of writing down the things. But this Rocket wave notebook made a great innovation. Yes, something weird innovation.

Official website link – click here

Rocket wave is a book that has an app for your smartphone where you will be able to click a picture of the notes you take and it will automatically route the notes you made to the cloud(Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote and many) according to the settings. you all may think is this a kind of scanner? what so special in that.The special is it has seven different symbols in the bottom of each page and if one symbol is marked and you can make a setting in the app to which cloud application and to which file that particular page has to be saved. So, all are predefined by you in the app. The weird part has not yet over if the pages in the notebook are completed and no pages to write you don’t want to worry. If you have microwave oven place this notebook in the microwave oven and wait till the color of the notebook changes from blue to white and take the notebook out of oven So fresh!! and So hot!! Boom!!! you will get back the fresh notebook again.


For example, if you make 5 settings in the application for each of your subjects and you just have to mark the exact symbol to send the notes to proper file and the best part is this app will make a PDF of your note’s if you want.

Video of Rocket Wave notebook: click here to view

Buy Rocket Wave: There are two busing options they provide one smaller notebook and the other is bigger.

To buy standard: click here

To buy executive: click here

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