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Hi reader, hope you are doing good. In this post, we are going to see how to increase your team or your productivity using some smartphone application.And to note only by installing this will not help you.Try to learn how to use this application completely so that it would help you out more.In this post, you will see top 5 productivity app and will leave links to download for android and for ios guys please go and check that in your app store.

Advanced technology has changed employees work habits, the management of their daily goals and the way they accomplish tasks. However, this progress has also brought increased workloads that require multitasking, which eventually may decrease effectiveness

what we all expect out of a productivity app Time-Saving!!!

Let us deep dive into this


Trello is one the best app for collaborating with your team and keep work in line. It helps to create a project and team members in that project and update the works to be completed and the time to remind peoples of that. This is kind of managing your team and To-Do list integration. And the most of all this works offline. Once all ideas are up and updated then can go offline.

Official site –click here

To download android app-click here



When comes to productivity note taking is a key factor.If you need to be productive then note-taking is an art that you should have.Evernote is an application built by Google and has been around for a good few years and is one of the safest bets when it comes to using apps to boost productivity.This app syncs all across the device and all can be shared easily.

Official site-click here

To download android app-click here


Managing workflow is the foundation of utilizing time effectively. With the app, you’re able to customize your phone so you can bypass tasks that are a waste of time. For example, you can call an Uber in advance of your next calendar event or create a button to give your mom a quick call. Workflow allows you to create any type of button for any type of activity that you may do on a regular basis and with the simple click of that button your task is being completed.

Official site-click here

To download android app-click here


This is the app that will help you guys to be even more productive and stay concentrated on your work without worrying about phone calls or text message you get cause all this are handled by this app.You can record your voice to answer and say that you are busy and say will get back to you when done and same in text messages.And top of all “Drive mode” just turn on while driving this app will take care of your safe driving.

Official site-click here

To download android app-click here


As a businessman or entrepreneur reading things around you is the must.When you have an incredibly busy home and work life, it’s easy to come across great articles or videos online but not have the time to enjoy them. Pocket lets you save items like videos, articles and e-books so you can access them when you have a spare few minutes at some point in the future.Depending on the version you have, you can create tags to keep everything neat and tidy or listen to articles with text-to-speech.

Official site-click here

To download android app-click here

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