Samsung patents “Palm Scan”

palm scan

Hi all readers, a quick update we heard and buzz in the smartphone world that Samsung has got the patent for palm scanning technology.Samsung is making innovation in securing the device that they make since decades and they have one security not usual in other than flagship phone is Iris scanning. 

Let us explain the Samsung latest patent

Palm Scan:

Palm scanners use invisible and harmless infrared light to detect blood flowing in our veins. The pattern of veins is set for life before a person is even born, by 14 weeks of gestation, and is more unique than a fingerprint. Even identical twins who may have similar (though not precisely matching) fingerprints have completely different palm vein patterns.

samsung patent.jpg

This palm vein matching technology was first found by Joe who was working in Kodak and the strange news has he invented this technology as his bank identity was stolen in late 1980’s.And rumors around the internet is Samsung will implement this their upcoming flagship phone next year. Maybe in Samsung Galaxy S9.But this will not the secure way to login to the mobile devices as this scanning process will take time. So Samsung reported using this technology to show password hint if the user has forgotten his/her password.

We seriously think that an idea for using Palm Lines is really good and new and bringing something like this for an under-rated option on phones, the password hint is really a good and far more secured step towards protecting a phone because questions like “What was your mother’s maiden name?” is something people other than the phone’s owner can answer to.

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2 thoughts on “Samsung patents “Palm Scan”

  1. This is actually something I have not heard of before.
    As I was reading, I rolled my eyes and the thought of palm scanning replacing the fingerprint unlock/ facial recognition/ iris scan, but then you mentioned that it would be used to give password hints when someone forgets a password. While this is not foolproof, it definitely sounds like an interesting idea. Samsung’s been very innovative in the past couple of years.
    Thanks for introducing me to this new tech.

    Liked by 1 person

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