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Hi, all reader’s Hope you’re doing great. In this post, we are going to see on India’s latest electric motorbike. Tesla is one among major company that is manufacturing electric car still now which has got huge market around the world.But this new concept of electric motorbike brought and made successful by tork motorcycle company and this is made in India. So as we can see changes are blooming in the automotive industry from gasoline to electric vehicles which will help to reduce pollution made by the gasoline cars and prevent globe from Global warming.

Let us deep dive into this.

Tork T6X:

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TORK” (Sounds good right) this has many good features and let walk through this. It is the first gear-less electric bike. And this is India’s first electric bike. Built on 7 years of exhaustive Research and Development, the T6X comes from a stable of thoroughbreds, having shared the drawing board with an Isle of Man TT, TTXGP finishers.

TIROS (Tork Intuitive Response Operating System) is the intelligence that drives the T6X.This is the first kind of operating system for the electric vehicle which connects the vehicle to smartphone and can view the complete status of the vehicle through and much more can be done in the app (we are waiting to explore this).

This motorcycle is built to last 100 km on a full charge which will consume only 4 units of electricity. And the best feature is in 60 minutes it charge up to 80 % (kind of dash charge). As companies, this has some custom riding profile not sure this our guess is this may be a sport, eco kind of variation as in the car nowadays.

Expected launch – March 2018

Expected price – 1.25 L

You can look its beauty performance here

Prebook here

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