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selfie drone

Hi reader, Hope you’re doing good. The Smartphone bought golden era of selfie which is mostly admired by people and then selfie stick gave a better wide angle clicks in the selfie and now we are going to see about artificial flying insect which helps to click candid moments and selfies and we call this as selfie drones. Yes, Selfie drone is becoming famous around the globe, so let see about it. These are basically Quadcopter with the camera and wireless technologies to store and share the clicks. These selfie drones are more are less similar to Helicam.

Selfie drone is a remote-controlled mini-drone used to obtain aerial pictures or motion images using video, still or motion film cameras. The remote-controlled camera mount system allows pan, tilt and roll movements of the drone to click in various angle.

We will be seeing 4 top or best Selfie drone(according to us) that is available on the market to play with selfies.


dji spark.jpg

Whenever comes to drone you have to think about DJI. DJI is one the worlds best drone manufacturing company and their products are filled with latest features and technologies but to note they are costly too.So DJI spark is a mini-drone made by DJI with features like Intelligent flight control, Quick launch, Simple control, return to home and automotive flight mode with the predefined area of flying.You can control it with gestures too.

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Airselfie is the most portable selfie drone we have seen till date. They can easily carry in your pant pockets or like your phone case.Airselfie is made with all technology possible for the selfie but does not have as many features as Spark but worth buying to take a selfie and for its portability.The maximum range of flying is 20M.

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dobby drone

Dobby they call it as pocket selfie drone and they are really popular for their price range as it is comparatively low when compared to Airselfie and DJI spark.And top of all it is powered by Snapdragon 801 chipsets.It has target tracking facility which helps to follow you and capture candid moments while you are moving, 360-degree shooting and more, To talk about the camera it has a 4K camera with 1080p recording facility and this is good for this price range.

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Kimon is the versatile selfie drone to be made so far cause it has many features as follow 360-degree shot, 45-degree shot, panoramic selfie, follow shot, the standard selfie has a variety of options and angles of click. And it has multiple video mode like burst mode, time lapse, slow motion and all are captured in 4K, 16MP camera.This is the costliest selfie drone in this post but worth paying for it features.

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