Smart Translating Earpiece


Language is a great barrier for travelers and even for business peoples. Due to language barrier exploration of lands, Making new friends, learning others culture, seeking help, business deals and lot more are missed. Google translate has made some impact on this language barrier and helped us to know other languages with less effort of translation from one language to the other. This Google translate was started 11 years back and made handy to all through smartphones in the year 2015 and there were some commercials on Tv for Google translate.

To view the commercial click here

Due to the drastic technology development in all fields, what can happen in translation? this question has popped on many heads but only a few brought the solution for translation using technologies. We will be seeing top two companies who are making a revolution in translating languages wirelessly.

Pixel Buds:


Pixel buds are made by Google making translation easy between two different region peoples and they demonstrated the live translation during the launch in 2017 and they are available for sale in many parts of the world.

How does this pixel bud works?

Pixel Buds of course aren’t doing any of the translation themselves they’re simply a Bluetooth audio conduit to your connected Pixel phone/any Android phones running the Google Translate app. The way this works, you hold out your phone to where the other person can speak to it, and then the audio is routed into your Pixel Buds. In the reverse, your voice is picked up by the Pixel Buds microphone and relayed out of the phone’s speaker.Technology-wise this is very impressive how the audio is being routed to the pixel bud.

To view how pixel bud work click here

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WT2- TimeKettle:


WT2 is one the best wireless translating device which has two separate earpieces which will automatically pair up each other and helps to communicate in different languages. WT2 is one of the devices which is made by TimeKettle a startup company and collecting funds through Kickstarter.They are almost ready and up for production. Most probability will be delivered to you by March 2018 if you have pre-ordered it.

As they say, this is the World’s first 1+2 earphone translator for face-to-face bilingual conversations. Translate languages in near real-time.There was some latency issue in prototype models but TimeKettle promised to reduce this. There are several modes of translation in this.

click here to see how it works

To pre-order-click here

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