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India is the world’s No.1 fastest growing market for smartphones. Smartphone sales are expected to exceed 300 million in 2018.But, for a country where more than 40% of the population does not understand English, reaching out to new consumers in small towns and villages can be a challenge for smartphone manufacturers.And Mumbai-based Indus OS has been quietly making rapid inroads by plugging that gap.

Indus OS is one of the first operating system developed to cater to the regional language user. It is an Android fork (or, a version of Android built on native code released by Google) which includes 12 languages(Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Odia, Assamese, Punjabi, Kannada, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi) besides English.

Indus OS currently supports almost 80 devices. It has partnered with Micromax, Celkon, and Swipe to keep Indus OS as the default OS on their devices.If you boot up an Indus OS phone, the most notable feature is the home-screen which displays all icons in Hindi or in one of the other 12 languages of user’s choice. This obviously makes all the difference to the native speaker of any of these languages.

app bazaar.jpg

The local language extends to functions beyond the home screen. Indus OS has a regional photo gallery, simple and understandable settings menu, contacts, and an easy dialer, all of which are available in the selected language.The OS also supports a regional language keyboard that, crucially, comes with prediction as well as transliteration.

Another big barrier to getting people connected is the lack of apps and content on the web in local languages. Indus OS’s solution is a local language app store.

The Company CEO Deshmukh word on their own app store

“We have our own app store called App Bazaar which hosts tons of regional apps,” Deshmukh said. “Right now there are more than 50,000 apps. A lot of them are in English in terms of the content. But then we allow the discovery in the regional language which is lacking in the [Google] Play Store.”

List of Innovation made by Indus

      1. Indus Swipe – Translate & Transliterate text between English & a regional language
      2. Word & Matra prediction (to capture vowel sounds) in regional languages
      3. Indus Reader – OS integrated offline text-to-speech in regional languages developed by a consortium of Indus OS, the Government of India’s MeitY, TDIL & Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
      4. Hybrid Keyboard– Type in a regional language using the English keyboard
      5. Indus Messaging – Free text messaging between Indus OS users
      6. Indus Dialer – Dialer integrated Balance tracking, analytics & one-touch recharge feature specifically created for more than 90% of the mobile subscribers in India who are prepaid users

Currently Indus OS has 7.6% market share in India. Thanks to Indus team for making a such wonderful OS which helps Indians to use there smartphone in there own languages.

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