Samsung patents “Palm Scan”

palm scan

Hi all readers, a quick update we heard and buzz in the smartphone world that Samsung has got the patent for palm scanning technology.Samsung is making innovation in securing the device that they make since decades and they have one security not usual in other than flagship phone is Iris scanning. 

Let us explain the Samsung latest patent

Palm Scan:

Palm scanners use invisible and harmless infrared light to detect blood flowing in our veins. The pattern of veins is set for life before a person is even born, by 14 weeks of gestation, and is more unique than a fingerprint. Even identical twins who may have similar (though not precisely matching) fingerprints have completely different palm vein patterns.

samsung patent.jpg

This palm vein matching technology was first found by Joe who was working in Kodak and the strange news has he invented this technology as his bank identity was stolen in late 1980’s.And rumors around the internet is Samsung will implement this their upcoming flagship phone next year. Maybe in Samsung Galaxy S9.But this will not the secure way to login to the mobile devices as this scanning process will take time. So Samsung reported using this technology to show password hint if the user has forgotten his/her password.

We seriously think that an idea for using Palm Lines is really good and new and bringing something like this for an under-rated option on phones, the password hint is really a good and far more secured step towards protecting a phone because questions like “What was your mother’s maiden name?” is something people other than the phone’s owner can answer to.

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under maintainance

Hi reader, Hope you are doing good. In this post, we will see how to maintain your electronic gadgets like smartphone, tablet, laptop and more.There are many tools and stuff to maintain your gadgets I will leave you the link to buy in this post and to note all product I leave here are based on the reviews provided by the customers.I will list top 3 products that help you to maintain your gadgets.

Mobile Vaccum Cleaner:


This is one the best and latest kind of cleaning device for all screen mostly. Helps to clean the screen clean. This is mobile vacuum cleaner uses button battery to run and cleans your smartphone, tablet and even laptop screen well. This is definitely a good product for its price.

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There are top three concerns for hygiene and this may help for those.

SANITIZES – PhoneMop sanitizes your phone while removing the outer layer of germs and killing 99.9% of bacteria.CLEANSES – PhoneMop spotlessly cleans your phone while removing away the dust, dirt, marks or stains.DEODORIZES – PhoneMop deodorizes your phone while removing or concealing an unpleasant smell in it.

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Super jelly:

super jelly.jpg

This is one the latest trending keyboard or screen maintenance tool and this is kind of fun playing tool.If you buy this, kids will definitely start cleaning your keyboard or device for playing with this.

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Hi all, readers and cyber hunters in this post we are gonna see about Chromebook. Many might come across this word while we are trying to buy a cheap laptop. Yes, Chromebook is a laptop that is supported by Chome OS developed by Google and hardware are built by any manufacturer. Chromebook is one best laptop who does not require any offline activity which means gaming, video editing and more. But all the facilities are there in Chromebook when you go online. This is kind of weird but this is one the intelligent platform according to me. As the world is moving towards the faster technologies changes and telecom industries are developing with high-speed internet facilities all around the world so why can’t you take all online if it can be done.

Let’s deep dive:

Chromebook laptops are not like other laptops in the market with huge graphics, more space. They will have fewer graphics that suits college students, web developers and business personnel. Chromebooks will have only less amount of space mostly below 256 GB of storage and maximum of 4  GB of graphics. But when you call for performance Chromebook can do magic in terms of this. As everything goes online only you would require a Chromebook with fast internet connectivity and a minimum of 4 GB of RAM to do all your day to day activities.


One of the feature of Chromebook I like the most is the use of Android apps in laptops is that cool?. Yes, you can play subway surfers, can use MX player and more. Chromebook will not run on any other operating systems like Windows, Mac or Linux. It only runs on Chrome OS(but Chrome OS is Linux based OS) or Android. So you will be missing many features from windows if you’re windows lover. But this is cool for those who need to do little with their laptop and these are real value for money.Most of all Chromebook does not require any Anti-virus as it has multi-layer built-in security hardware and in Chrome OS.

Let’s me take you to History:

chrome os

Chromebook research started in the year 2010 by Google and Google released their first ever Chromebook partnering with Acer launched in June 2011. Initially, the target of the Chromebook was school students and later due to development of the OS and integration of Google play store with Chrome OS in 2016. You know what Google also developed a desktop version of Chrome OS they call that as Chromebox and was launched in the year 2012 with Partnering with LG and an ‘all-in-one’ desktop launched with Chrome OS in 2014.

And about Chrome OS was launched in the year 2009 for cloud interfaces. Chrome OS is an open source platform and project is called as Chromium OS. Initially, the Chrome OS is not promising cause most of the feature of the conventional laptop is missed after the integration of Android with Chrome OS they become more powerful and very reliable.

Pixelbook or Chromebook pixel:


Pixelbook is nothing but chrome OS-based laptop that is developed by Google directly and to note you may find it bit costlier when compared to other Chromebook but the real performance of Chrome OS are visible only in this laptop.

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Top-Rated Chromebooks:

If you have an idea of buying Chromebook can find below that fits you the most.

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Asus Chromebook Flip – Click here to know more and buy

HP Chromebook 4 – click here to buy and know more

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Fitness Tracker

Urban runner woman reading wearable fitness tracker device


Hi all, readers and cyber hunters this post we are going see about fitness tracker and company that make them. To those of you don’t know what is fitness tracker this post will provide an insight view on this, for those who know and if you have an idea of buying and hunting for the best choice that fits you, you will find in this post and Finally those who are already using it and have an idea for an upgrade or a change will get an idea here in this post.

First, let see what is meant by fitness tracker so here is the answer below

The fitness tracker is a wearable device or a computer application that records a person’s daily physical activity, together with other data relating to their fitness or health, such as the number of calories burned, heart rate, Sleep analysis etc.

Nowadays due to the evolution of software and option in many new phones options like “On body Detection” that will enable accelerometer in your smartphone to track your step, distance and calories you burnt while walking with phone kept inside your pocket.

I will write about some of that Apps that measures or track your fitness in my upcoming post without any physical tracker.So let’s see about physical tracker in this post.

Many manufacturers are making the fitness tracker and few are making it the best.Let’s deep dive into this.

List of Fitness tracker maker:

Here we are going to list top selling and top rated fitness band companies

1 Fitbit
2 Garmin
3 Samsung
4 Mi
5 Misfit

Fitbit: This is top rated company when it comes to fitness tracker with most of features and variety of model they provide. Fitbit not only makes fitness tracker they provide personalised coaching through their bands and apps.But only con in Fitbit is their price tag. usually, Fitbit bands are comparatively high but they are very accurate and with less error rate.


Fitbit Store-click here

Garmin: Garmin fitness tracker are mostly called for their GPS tracking facilities and this is mostly bought by athletes and Joggers to keep the track of path in which they ran. Garmin bands are more sturdy when compared to Fitbit and price tag of Garmin band is also comparatively higher than Fitbit.


Garmin Store-click here

Samsung Gear Fit: Samsung Gear band is the fitness tracker from one the leading consumer electronics maker and smartphone manufacturer Samsung. As Samsung does not make much money out of this but this is one of the best trackers according to me cause the vibrant color options and band selection from other makers.


Samsung store-Click here

Mi Band– Mi ones again proved their affordability of products in fitness tracker segment with most of the feature that some top rated tracker has. Features like step count, distance, heart rate, waterproof, sleep analysis for less than $50. And the Mi tracker is best for the battery life.


Mi Store- Mi Band 2-click here

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Misfit– The name looks like fitness tracker that made for women’s but naturally not. Misfit is the best tracker in terms of its look and compatibility. As their tracker is small and looks cute though.And top all it does not have any screen, it only has LED lights and vibration for notification.


Misfit Store-Click here

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MI Phones under 10K($130)



Hi all, reader’s and cyber hunters today we are going to see about Xiaomi smartphone under 10K(10, or $130). Before that let’s have a look about Xiaomi(MI). Xiaomi is one the Chinese smartphone company that placed a strong branding on the affordable smartphone in past 3 years. Xiaomi made their name for affordable smartphone range because most of their smartphones are below $200 ( The build quality of their smartphone is great for this price range and specifications much better for the when compared to their competitor’s. After the entry of Xiaomi, the value and sales of Motorola affordable smartphone are reduced. This may be due to the price range of Motorola E series and G series is getting higher when it gets upgraded to new model or successor and Xiaomi continuously making the smartphone more affordable especially for the markets like India, Middle East and more.

In India, demand for Xiaomi phones is high cause due to its price and specifications that suits India markets. And for Xiaomi India is a promising market. And thanks from me to Xiaomi for making such affordable phones. Xiaomi, MI, Redmi are owned by the same stakeholder.

Let’s take a deep dive into this.

List of Xiaomi or MI or Redmi Smartphone below 10k  or $130:

Phone .rs .USD
Xiaomi Redmi 4A 3GB RAM ₹6,999 110
Xiaomi Redmi Y1 ₹8,999 135
Xiaomi Redmi 4A 2GB RAM ₹5,999 95
Xiaomi Redmi 4 2GB RAM ₹6,999 110
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 ₹9,999 150
Xiaomi Redmi 4 32GB ₹8,999 135
Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite ₹6,999 110
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 2GB RAM ₹8,999 135
Xiaomi Redmi 4 3GB RAM ₹8,999 135 110

Link to buy Xiaomi phones-Click here

Redmi Note 4 is the top-selling smartphone from Xiaomi(MI) in India they shipped more than 10 million Redmi note 4 into India.

redmi note 4

Redmi Note 4 review by iGyaan-click here to view

Top selling Xiaomi smartphone in 2k17-View here

To note most of the Xiaomi smartphone are in high demand so if you like to buy either pre-order it if pre-order offer available or click on Notify Me button to get updates on the sales.

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Smartphone Era in India



Hi, all reader’s and cyber hunter you all must be wondering about the title what he comes up to. To make that clear today we are going to talk about the Smartphone market status in India. How India is growing along with Smartphone. And we are going to look into the Smartphone war. I hope you all got my point what will be in this post. In the begin of Smartphone Era in India, it dates back to the year 2009 when Smartphone makers start to ship to India. Samsung was ruling the market of the smartphone in beginning years till 2011 in India and 2012 is the year of smartphone war starts in India when Nokia, HTC, Sony shipping the phones into the lands of India.

So lets deep dive into this topic in year wise.

Year 2K12:

The year 2012 is the year most of the people are introduced to the world of Smartphone and for the company that brought their product into India was hard to sell the smartphone in the country like India but few companies succeded in the mission of placing their foot firm the markets of India. And for the company like Apple and Samsung topped the chart in that year. Apple launched iPhone 5 and Samsung launched two smartphones Galaxy s3 and Note 2. In the year of 2012, Samsung has managed to sell around 384 million units and Apple sold 130 million units.

iPhone 5 –Click here

Samsung Galaxy S3-Click here

Samsung Galaxy Note 2-Click here

And the other game player during that year Nokia, Sony and HTC. Nokia launched its first ever Windows operated smartphone based on Windows 7 platform and their high budget phone was Nokia 920 with wireless charging. HTC brought one X and one X plus, Sony brought their Xperia series into India. And LG brought their Optimus series into India.


Year 2K13:

The year 2013 is the year in which companies started to understand India economy, current knowledge of technology and started to make affordable Smartphone for the India market. This made many companies to restructure their research team to settle down and make as affordable as they can with higher end technology. Samsung succeeded in making affordable smartphone and their series of smartphone started to sell like hotcakes. And to say Samsung ended up making many smartphones in series y, Galaxy Duos and many more.In this year Apple sales were completely down due to affordable smartphone and their share reduced to 23 % and Samsung topped the chart with 59 %. sale.In this year Apple launched iPhone 5s and Samsung launched Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3.

iPhone 5-Click here

Samsung Galaxy S4-Click here

Samsung Galaxy Note 3-Click here

To me, I bought my first smartphone in this year and that was HTC one X plus. One of the smartphones that had the best camera, processor and Beats audio

htc one x plus

One Plus X –Click here

Year 2k14:

The Year 2014 is the debut year for many new smartphone makers and come back year for Motorola with their two series of affordable smartphone. The year in which all the internal components for smartphone started to make in the lands of India. So smartphone started to become super affordable in the year to make a comparison to this HTC One x plus specs was brought to Moto E and the price difference was up to 25 K. I was like what the heck!! and change my phone from HTC one X plus to HTC One M8.HTC One M8 was one of the flagship phones of the year. The phone which had the primary camera with 4 Ultra Pixel.In this Apple back in battle with their new design with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Samsung launched Galaxy S5 and Note 4.

HTC One M8-Click hereM8_3V

This year Moto came to picture of top selling smartphone along with Samsung and Apple.

iPhone 6-Click here

iPhone 6 Plus-Click here

Samsung Galaxy S5-Click here

Samsung Galaxy Note 4-Click here

Year 2K15:

The year 2015 is the year were many Chinese makers brought their Smartphone into India market. Companies like Xiaomi, Mi, Redmi, Vivo, Lenovo and Oppo make their entry into India and they made heavy competition to the existing makers like Sony, LG, Samsung(affordable series), HTC. Motorola still made strong competition with the debutants. And this Year many strong Smartphone makers market share started to fall like HTC and Sony. This year Apple launched iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s plus and Samsung launched Galaxy S6 and Note 5. This year total market share started to restructure as many Smartphone makers brought their products to India. So Samsung started to lose their market share after affordable smartphone market got driven by debutants. But Apple share was maintaining as many buyers shifted to towards it due to Online discounts and EMI.

Nexus 6-Click here

This year I changed my smartphone from HTC one M8 to Google Nexus 6(MOTO)


iPhone 6s-Click here

iPhone 6s plus-Click here

Samsung Galaxy S6-Click here

Samsung Galaxy Note 5-Click here

These years where crucial years for India smartphone market and still the war is ON

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Most anticipated smartphones of 2017

There are many smartphones coming out from many smartphone manufacturer’s but  one makes to top spot and sell like a cupcake in a french bakery.So every year smartphone maker’s are trying their most to get that top notch spot.But it alway’s apple who steal’s it since the launch of iPhone by apple.But there is always a big and heavy competition between apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series.

But last year Google came up with a huge breakthrough in smartphone market by making their own phone and named that as pixel series and that too sold out like cupcake in french bakery.So the Google is also in the list this year.So i made a list of most anticipated smartphone of year 2017

1.iPhone 8

2.Samsung Galaxy S8

3.Google pixel 2

4.Oneplus 4

5.HTC 11

Let see about some rumour’s from the tech head’s

iPhone 8:


iPhone 8 has rumour but one confirmed rumour that apple is going to kill it’s home button it will embed home button in screen as apple has patented some R&D prototype late 2016.Second, it will have OLED display rather than their retina display.These are the major confirmed rumour so far.Let wait for  update.

Samsung Galaxy S8:


Samsung galaxy s8 top rumour is it is going to kill 3.5mm headphone jack as apple did that in last year and it will also have two step authentication if want to set up like iris scanning and fingerprint to open your own galaxy.

Google Pixel 2:


Google made out loud last year so they are going to continue with pixel line up this year too.The top rumour of pixel 2 are they are going to water and dust proof and full glass panel in back.And Google is really working in low light photography as you can see that in Nexus 6p and pixel low light photography.And this will be continued in pixel 2 too.

4.Oneplus 4:


Oneplus are making excellent smartphone under budget.So there are many follower for Oneplus too.They are gaining huge in western region so Oneplus 4 may be their turning point product for them to make top spot.It rumoured to have new Gorilla glass and waterproof.

5.HTC 11:


HTC were one the major market player since the launch of nexus line up but ended in launch of M9.So many believe that HTC will be back with their brilliance in HTC 11.But still their is no rumour abiut this smartphone.

So,that all for this most anticipated smartphone of year 2017.



weird connected devices

In today’s modern world we always need assistance to do our own task so that’s why there is a place to thick of weird device to help us to do our task.In this post, I have shown some weird connected devices that exist.

In recent years, some of these devices have evolved from an easy source of skepticism to things that are actually worth buying.To illustrate just how far the tech world is willing to go to make anything and everything connected, let’s look at a few of these things, all of which actually for real exist.


1.Quiky egg minder:


quirky-egg-minderThe Quirky Egg Minder solves a question as old as time itself: “Why can’t I connect my egg tray to the internet?”

This connected device helps you by reminding the number of egg’s that is in your egg basket.So, once if you buy this minder there not need to check for egg in your egg basket.It also comes with an android or ios application so that you can see no of egg’s that reminds in  basket.Once if egg goes below your pre set level it sends a notification to buy egg.

Made in partnership with GE, this thing syncs with your smartphone and sends you push notifications when you’re on the verge of being eggless. LED lights on the tray itself tell you which of its 14 eggs nearing their expiration date.

2.Hidrate Spark


The Hidrate Spark is one of a few “smart water bottles” that’ve popped up in recent years, most of which do the same thing: pair with a companion app over Bluetooth, then walk you through staying properly hydrated.

Hidrate spark is one the most essential device but a sort of weird device too.This device will keep you hydrated always and it also comes with free fitness application so that you can track amount water that you drink for a day.It also sends  notification to your phone through application if you have to drink water for a long time.This kind of devices are most needed as many people forget to drink water in their busy schedule of work which may lead to some serious medical issue’s.

To be fair, the 24-ounce Spark does look nice, and the fact that it glows when you hit your thirst-quenching goals is cute. But paying $55 to be reminded to drink water might be a bit much, especially when you can already log this stuff with one of several free fitness apps.


HapiFork is one the most weirdest product that I have seen till now.But some people may find it as an usefull device.Many people in the world die  due to eating faster so HapiFork found a solution to this by making a smart fork which will vibrate when you eat fast.hapifork

So,these are some of the wierd but usefull connected or smart devices help us to do your work and maintain us healthy.