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Hi all, Reader’s hope you all are doing great. In this post, we are going to see about something interesting and this is for fitness freaks or for those who don’t want to buy a physical tracker.yes, so we are going to see about Fitness tracker app in both Android and ios. I hope you all have read my another post on physical fitness tracker if not please check it out I will leave the link below.

Fitness tracker post – read here

For those who want to keep track of your steps, Sleep these fitness apps will help you to do that. Before we see on the app let us learn how this applications work. This application uses a mix of sensors like Accelerometer, Step counter, Significant Motion counter. And some little amount of built-in predefined actions that helps to figure the activity exactly. To know very clear let us look deep into it.For this fitness application battery may be a major consideration if this application keeps switch ON all the above-mentioned sensor all the time the battery will drain quickly. So to take care of battery concerns this fitness app follow this process wakes up the phone every minute or so, then analyses the sensors for a few seconds and then sleeps again. However, it seems that the records are pretty accurate to the minute, so the waking up must be frequent.

I hope this might bring an idea how Fitness app works. Let see top rated Fitness application below.

1.Google Fit:


Google Fit this is the top-rated fitness apps on google play store and to surprise this app is free. ( this may come pre-installed on some android phone). This is not available for iPhones.

To download in play store – click here

2. Health :


Health is one of the top-rated fitness apps on apple store and this comes pre-installed on all iPhones. This is not available for android phones.


download (1).png

Starva is a fitness application development company that brings it application in both Android and Apple phones and to note if you download the free application you will have only limited access but if you buy paid version or their subscription will do good. To know more I will leave the link below.

Starva – click here

4.Nike training club.


Nike training club is fitness application developed by Nike for athletes especially and this is available on both Android and Apple smartphones. To know more and to download the app click the link below. To note application is free and for some training plans and more you will need to buy some subscriptions.

Nike training club – click here


Fitbit has Physical tracker but this application works even without physical tracker and helps to track most similar to real tracker but not up to the mark. To know more and to download this app I will leave you the link below. To note Fitbit application will have some challenges option that will help us to be more active by taking those. Try those challenges.

Fitbit-click here

I personally recommend Google fit and Nike training club I have used both of this in Android and they are really doing good. Go and check those. I hope this post will help some to bring back them to shape.

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Moto X4


Hi all, Reader’s hope all are doing fantastic!! In this post, we are going to look into Moto latest smartphone in the market. Motorola was one the best company since their come back in the year 2013 with Moto G and Moto E series in affordable smartphone range. And they launched Moto X series in Mid-Range in the same year. All these three smartphones are made a huge success for Moto and they started successor since then. And X4 is pretty late cause last year X play wherein the game so they stopped for a while and this year they launched X series Successor and that is Moto X4.

Moto X series is really a success in their mid-range when compared to their competitor’s but there was clash one time between Oneplus and Moto X series in the year 2014 when Oneplus launched Oneplus X and on the same time Moto X2 launched there was healthy competition but Oneplus proved by selling out constantly for its price.

But this year bar of Oneplus really raised to 30K and Moto X is back in action with a Bang with Moto X4? Let’s check it out.

And this was exclusively unboxed by one my favorite Tech vlogger Barat (iGyaan) in Helicopter and that too in London. Do you want to check that out – Click here

Let us see our comparison

Moto X4 Honor 8 Honor 9i Oppo F5
Screen 5.2 5.2 5.9 6
Resolution 1080×1920 1080×1920 2160×1080 1080×2160
Processor 2.2 Ghz 2.3 Ghz 2.3 Ghz 2.5 GHz
RAM 3 or 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB 4 or 6 GB
Chipset Snapdragon 630 HiSilicone Hirin 950 HiSilicone Hirin 659 Mediatek MT6763T Helio P23
Internal storage 32 or 64 GB 32 or 64 GB 64 GB 32 or 64 GB
Primary Camera 12 MP 12 MP 16 MP 16 MP
Secondary Camera 16 MP 8 MP 13 MP 20 MP
Battery 3000 mAh 3000 mAh 3340 mAh 3200 mAh

These are major spec first of all when you are looking to buy a new Smartphone. There is not a much difference in these phones.


Based on Performance Snapdragon chipset will do better than Helio chipset as everyone know. But nowadays MediaTek processor is doing pretty good but not to the standard Snapdragon. So in this clearly Moto X4 wins.

Based on camera there is hard competition between Moto X4 and Oppo F5 but they both are really doing pretty good. In Low light Moto X4 shows its power. So here Moto X4 wins.

Camera test- Click here

Base on Battery with mAh Oppo F5 wins but charging speed in Moto X4 is fast when compared to Oppo F5. So here is a tie.

For full spec of Moto X4- click here

To buy Moto X4-click here

So Moto X4  clearly wins the battle for the price range and sure a come back for Motorola in Mid-range again with X series. Thanks Moto for bringing back in Midrange.

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Nokia 2



Hi all, reader’s in this post we all gonna see about Nokia’s latest affordable smartphone after very long time and they call it as Nokia 2. Nokia 2 launched two days back and they say that this phone launched particularly for India market to fight with the competitor’s out in the market. Let see will it fight with other’s and win the battle or not.

Let us deep dive into

Nokia 2 is not really a come back for Nokia in the affordable smartphone market as the Specs does not feel right for the price of 7K (120$) let us see the major comparison below.

Nokia 2 Moto C plus Redmi 4A Redmi y1 Lite
Screen 5 5 5 5.5
Resolution 720×1280 720×1280 720×1280 720×1280
Processor 1.3GHz 1.3GHz 1.4GHz 1.4GHz
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 2 GB 2 GB
Chipset Snapdragon 212 Mediatek M6737 Snapdragon 425 Snapdragon 425
Internal Storage 8GB 16GB 16GB 16GB
Primary Camera 8MP 8MP 13MP 13MP
Secondary Camera 5MP 2MP 5MP 5MP
Battery 4100mAh 4000mAh 3120mAh 3080mAh
Fingerprint Sensor No No No No

These are major spec first of all  when you are looking to buy a new Smartphone. There is not a much difference in this phone but the little difference does matter’s a lot. This may bit confusing but let me get this straight.

For full Specification-Click here


Nokia 2 is not that great for the price of 7K as you can see it got only 1 GB of RAM(my mind voice “What are we in the year 2014”). And secondly, front Camera (secondary camera) just 2MP (again my mid voice “WTH!!”). But Battery 4100mAh ( WoW!!!). Yes, this phone is for your Dad or Mom who will not use the smartphone as Smartphone’s either will use to call or text a little. And see only 8 GB of internal memory (this makes me feel Nokia bad again).

To make it conclude Nokia 2 got only good battery other that all are S*** for the price range when compared to the competitors. I am not the one who hates Nokia but they make me hate by building such dumb phones like this. Nokia 2 is good for Grandpa and Grandma not for the young people who do a lot more with the smartphone.

So finally Nokia 2 is not in the competition as you can clearly see and Nokia 2 is not a real come from the company in the affordable range.

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What Apple to launch iPhone SE 2

Hi all reader’s, this post will get you through rumours around iPhone SE 2 and Apple next release.First the image is not clear and not the original design from Apple. And to answer the title Yes, Apple to launch iPhone SE 2 in first half  of 2018 mostly in the month of march and April and a surprise to all Apple lovers in India is this iPhone will launched first in India and to rest of the world.

 In August this year, a report revealed that Apple will launch an iPhone  in India first, even before US and other European countries. Now, a new report by Taiwan’s Economic Daily News reveals that the second generation of iPhone SE will launch in the first half of 2018. The  smartphone is likely to be called as iPhone SE 2

The report also adds that the device will be assembled at Taiwan-based OEN Wistron. For those unaware, in May this year, the Cupertino-based giant entered into partnership with Wistron Corp for assembling iPhone SE smartphones at the Bengaluru facility.The report comes in line with the earlier report which surfaced online in August this year. A Taiwanese website, Focus Taiwan also revealed that Apple will launch the next generation of iPhone SE in India first in early 2018. The same report also suggested that with the Made in India iPhone, Apple will be exempted from 10% basic custom duty. This means that Apple can sell the next generation iPhone SE at a competitive price in the country.

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Plug-In Electric Cars Put On Display On Grounds Of U.S. Capitol


Hi, all reader’s today we are going to talk about Tesla(not about the unit of magnetic flux) one of the companies that are revolutionizing the way we transport, utilizing the energy. Yes, we are going to talk about one of the companies of the great entrepreneur Elon Musk. Tesla is an American company that manufactures the electric vehicle, energy storage, solar panel. Tesla was started in the year 2003 since then Tesla is leading in all the way in its market presence.

Today we are going to talk about Tesla Motors which means their line up of cars.

Let us deep dive into it

List of models:

1.Model S

model sTesla Model S the very first electric car come on to roads from Tesla in the year 2012 and the sales were not up to their expectations it sold only 150000 units and Tesla stopped its production in the year at the end of December 2016.

Specs-click here

Launch Video-click here

2.Model X

Tesla Debuts Its New Crossover SUV Model, Tesla XTesla Model X is the second car from Tesla Motors and this was launched in the year 2015 and the sales were quite promising and higher than the previous model Model S and they topped the chart of top selling electric car in the year 2016.

Specs-click here

Launch-Click here

3.Model 3

model 3

Tesla Model 3 as the name says this is the third car for Tesla motors to come on the road and they were really cool and Teala has made many changes and they showed how they grow by learning both market and peoples mind. Model 3 was launched in the year 2016 and they started to reach all over the world and this time again Tesla topped the top electric car. This was a very successive year for Tesla Motors.

Specs-Click here

Launch-Click here


roadster.jpgRoadster the fourth model of Tesla Motors just launched as a surprise in the same month November 2017 and this is pretty cool and the pre-orders are yet to open and we hope this will top the chart again.

Specs- They are yet to release the specs.

Launch-Click here

5. Tesla Semi truck

Tesla is the first company to launch electric truck and they look really gorgeous when compared to other diesel trucks on road.


Tesla Semi Truck was launched along with Tesla Roadster model in the very same month of 2017 This is the truck of future this can go from 0-60 mph in just 5 Sec without load and with 80,000 pounds of load 0-60 mph in 20 Sec. These are the real number and the truck can go up to 500 miles in one charge at top speed.

Specs-They are yet to release the specs

Launch-Click here

To all Indians bring Tesla is a dream as the import duties are high and Government is constantly working with Tesla to bring India and even one step further our government is trying hard to bring Tesla motors factory in India and make the rules to suit them as per the statements from both Elon Musk and our government. I believe by the year 2020 the Tesla will be on the roads of India.As the world is moving to the extinction oil resources and high rate of vehicular pollution such as places in Delhi this electric car will promising and will make world vehicular pollution free.To me, Tesla is one the best company working hard on all the ways to bring out the best in each product they make. And they make products with class.

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OnePlus Story


OnePlus is one the leading Smartphone maker in the world now and most of us know oneplus is the company that makes flagship phone at a nominal price. Oneplus is China-based smartphone company that manufactures world-class smartphone and ships all over the world. Oneplus started in the year 2013 and continued to top the chart since then. To bring to notice to all that Oneplus is a subsidiary company of Oppo smartphone company which started on a basis to make a smartphone with the best quality at cheap price. Oneplus first refused that the company is not under Oppo but later that year after all document verification it came to light that stakeholder of oneplus is Oppo and clarified that Oneplus is a subsidiary company of Oppo.

Let us deep dive into its products.

Series of Smartphone:

OnePlus One

The company’s first product was the highly anticipated OnePlus One. It was unveiled on 22 April 2014, and was touted as the “2014 Flagship Killer.” The One had comparable, and in some ways better, specifications to other flagship phones of the year, while being sold at a significantly lower price at $299 for the 16 GB version or $349 for the 64 GB version.The One also debuted the infamous invite system, which ensured that the company didn’t take more orders than it was capable of shipping.

The OnePlus One had several minor hardware issues at launch, which reportedly was corrected in later batches of the phone.

OnePlus 2

The OnePlus 2 was the successor to the company’s highly successful first phone. It was unveiled a little over a year after the One, on 27 July 2015. It was highly promoted as “2016 Flagship killer”. There were very high expectations for the second generation OnePlus phones, partly because of the company managed to create a big amount of hype for the upcoming phone.

The OnePlus 2 had specifications comparable to other flagship phones of the time, including the highly criticized Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, though OnePlus had decided to leave out an NFC chip, as it didn’t see mobile payment being an essential feature at the time. The phone was also one of the first Android devices to sport a USB type C port over the older micro USB port.

OnePlus X

The OnePlus X was OnePlus’ entrance to the budget phone market, at 5 inches instead of the One and 2’s 5.5 inches. The phone was unveiled on 29 October 2015. The phone was sold at $249, and consisted mostly of the same internal components as the year and half old OnePlus One, but had an AMOLED display.

OnePlus 3

The OnePlus 3 was unveiled on 14 June 2016. The 3 was the company’s first “metal unibody” phone. The phone launched with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 6 GB of RAM  and 64 GB of Internal storage.The phone was well regarded amongst critics, mostly for its low price and high specifications.

OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 5 was unveiled on 20 June 2017. It launched with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, a dual-lens camera setup, up to 8 GB RAM, and up to 128 GB of storage. It was released in two colors: Midnight Black and Slate Gray. A third limited edition color, Soft Gold was released on 7 August 2017. Another special edition color was launched on 20 September 2017, in collaboration with Castelbajac.

OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T was unveiled on 16 November 2017, as the successor to the OnePlus 5. It features the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC and storage options as its predecessor. Highlights include a more immersive 6″ 18:9 display, a new “Face Unlock” facial recognition method, and an improved dual-lens camera.

Breakthrough from Oneplus:

  1. Flagship Killer
  2. USB Type C on android phone.
  3. Cheap price.
  4. VR on shipping.
  5. Fast face recognition.

I may miss few breakthrough. But above is the top breakthrough made by Oneplus.

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Google October 2017 Event



The company that does not require any introduction for techies but for those of who don’t know about Google here you will get know in this post. Google is one and only internet-based tech giant for non-google lover this post may irritate you cause I am one the biggest fan of Google and their products.

To know more about Google click here about Google

So let’s get into latest Google product launch event took place in San Francisco on October 4, 2017.

Google has made a tagline since last year #madebygoogle and stated that all the products that launched under the roof of this tagline are made by Google since that there is quiet rise in the selling of Google products as customer believe that product made by Google will never fail but that quiet more praising of Google but I believe it in this way.

List of Product launched in October 2017 event :


  1. Pixel 2
  2. Pixel 2XL
  3. Pixel Buds
  4. VR headset
  5. Google home mini
  6. Google home 2
  7. Google clips (Handy camera)
  8. Google home MAX
  9. Pixel book
  10. Pixel book pen


Pixel 2- click here

Pixel 2 XL – click here

Pixel book – click here

Google home mini – click here

Google home:


Google Home is a brand of smart speakers developed by Google. Google Home speakers enable users to speak voice commands to interact with services through their intelligent personal assistant called Google assistant. A large number of services, both in-house and third-party, are integrated, allowing users to listen to music, look at videos or photos, or receive news updates entirely by voice. Google Home devices also have integrated support for home automation features, letting users speak commands to the devices to control smart home appliances. Google support can do more through voice command like services include Google Play Music, Spotify and iHeartRadio for audio, NetflixYouTube and Google Photos for videos and photos, Google Calendar and Google Keep for tasks, and CNNCNBC and The Wall Street Journal for news updates and much these are just an examples.

Google made fun of apple in this event to watch that click here

We see nowadays Google pushing AI(Artificial Intelligence) in all their products by means of Google assistant. For those you who do not know about Google assistant, I will leave the link below. THe Google is evolving from mobile first world to AI first world.

Click here to know more about Google assistant

What are all new exciting things took place in the event, Google launched its Pixel buds with live demo how Google makes life simpler view here and a new handy camera that captures all your candid moment even without your knowledge. Even this small camera has built-in AI that helps to click all the candid moment and directly push into your Google photos view here 

Google has built more new technologies like Smart sound , Squeeze to call assistant  , Google Lens . And Google promised nothings is taken into cloud until you change the privacy option. All Google product launched in the event has built-in machine learning so that will help Google to make personalized Google assistant for each of us.


This is all about Google latest event but I have not mentioned all that took place at launch to know more click on the link below to view the whole google September 2017 event.

Google October event

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Apple Event 2017

Apple logo


Apple event is one the most awaited event for all techies and mostly for apple lovers.Usually, apple event takes place in the month of September and March. I think Apple loves the month of September rather than their birth month April. And to give a note for non-Apple lover I am one among you. But I love the way they market their product to the world since their first launch of Macintosh. For those of you don’t know what is Macintosh click on the link below.

click here to know more about Macintosh

For those who want to look the launch of Macintosh click here

Let’s get out of Macintosh and talk about apple latest event took place first ever in steve jobs theatre. Steve jobs theatre is one of the halls built inside the Apple’s new office in Cupertino. The new office of the apple runs mostly by renewable energy heard from a source on internet.

Apple latest Cupertino office have a look click here

Steve jobs theatre click here

List of apple product launched in September 2017 event

  1. iPhone 8
  2. iPhone 8 plus
  3. iPhone X
  4. iWatch series 3
  5. Apple TV 4k
  6. ios 11
  7. Watch OS

The launch duration is nearly 2hours.

Specification details:

iPhone 8 – click here

iPhone 8 Plus – click here

iPhone X – click here

Watch series 3 – click here

Apple TV 4th generation – click here

As always apple launches 2 iPhone, 1 iWatch, 1 TV  (as of last 3 years) but what is more special about the third iPhone (iPhone X). So let’s deep dive into it.

iPhone X:

Iphone X

iPhone X is the most awaited phone of the year 2017 even by Apple Inc. As this year Apple marks 10 years in the mobile industry. The first ever iPhone was launched in the year 2007  it was like magic and it was launched by non-other the father of Apple company Steve Jobs.

As the competition in the mobile industry is high since 2014 Apple is trying so hard to keep its place on road and this iPhone X will definitely help out to greater extend to keep them on road to success.

What’s special in iPhone X:

  1. Bezelless display
  2. Face ID (face recognition)
  3. squeeze to call Siri
  4. New UI (User Interface)
  5. Camera design
  6. Redefined design
  7. OLED display (first in iPhone’s)
  8. True depth camera

This is all known about iPhone X. To know more the links are below click them to learn more about it.

iPhone X trailer – click here

iPhone X launch video – click here


So this is all about Apple’s latest event to know more watch full keynote by clicking the link below

Apple September 2017 keynote

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About me and my Blog


Hi, all readers and cyber hunters I am writing a post after a very long time. This is time to say you all about why I started this blog and on what basis I start writing about tech news. And the things that fascinated me from my childhood You will get to know all these things in this post.

Let me start with why I started writing a blog I was always fascinated by writing blog since my college first year but I am very bad in English that stopped me from writing and when I got into the final year I had more free time so I started chasing things that fascinated me. Even now I am very bad in English but I am learning in all possible ways nowadays.

why started writing about technologies mainly IoT?

I am one among the minds think that IoT will change the world in upcoming days. But I fear about the privacy of people in the world of IoT. And to say about my writing in future no ways I will write about IoT cause now I am out of college and to give a hint about what am doing now, I am working in one of the world’s best IT service company. So I am no more in the field of electronics. So I quit IoT now.

Why started writing about tech gadgets?

Tech products are one of the things that fascinated from my childhood. This craving for technology and knowing how it works started when I first saw the desktop computer in my home. Initially, my only thought is to play games in computer (this is what all kids will do when you see computer in your home at the age of 9) and started knowing things about computer and the gadgets of that time like MP3 player, DVD player, feature phones (no smartphone era ) when I was in 9th grade. And in grade 10 I  got the first smartphone named  Samsung Corby pop with feather touch feature. I started knowing more things through the internet from then. For those of you do not know how my first smartphone looks can see below and links to know more about that phone.

samsung corby popsamsung corby pop 2

To know more about Samsung  Corby pop click here

One final note to all readers here after I will write blog at least once in week maybe twice 🙂

And about my writings in future will contain all new tech news, product launch may be a shift to some new things but I will keep you posted and please follow my blog and comment down below what comes in your mind.

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Weird connected devices (2)

It is always cool to have an assistance that’s why tech heads started making money through this. This is how they started to invest much more in connected devices so that they can make more money, making us feel easy. But there are some weird connected devices or assistive products being manufactured and sometimes they are out of stock though. I have already written about weird connected devices, may be you take that as a part 1 and this one as part 2. I have provided the link for part 1 in the end, just in case u missed it ;).



Nora is a kind of smart device not connected to the internet but it helps many husbands from getting divorced by snoring all night.You have heard about it, haven’t you? Many of the marriage life has been called of due to snoring. So nora is there, never worry about  your marriage life being called off any more for snoring partner. So I would prefer to name nora as “Relationship saver”.



Luna is one of the most wanted connected devices that you better have it in your bedroom, as Luna is a “Smart Bed Cover”. There is always someone you know who needs connectivity to all their devices in bedroom or in their mattress or poor WiFi signal. Here’s Luna, solves all the connectivity problem for a techie to stay calm and feel comfortable to work on their own mattress.



I found this one as the most weird product that I probably came across. But it’s nothing but a pet fitness tracker that was found by a company named “whistle”.So the owners can look into their dog physical activity by connecting through Bluetooth. So there is a fitness tracker even for your pets, so that you can keep a track on through GPS option in the tracker. This may even help to find your dog when they go missing.

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